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Collaborative Types

Goodow Realtime Store collaborative documents are made of 4 types of collaborative elements: String, Lists, Maps and Custom objects. A Goodow Realtime Store collaborative document can have as many of these collaborative elements as they need. As a demonstration, You will find below UI widgets representing collaborative elements of each type.

Collaborative strings

Collaborative strings are just like normal strings, except that all browser sessions will be notified and updated when the string changes. Events are fired when strings are inserted to the collaborative string or when part of the string is deleted.

Edit the demo Collaborative String

Reference docs - Source code

Collaborative lists

A collaborative list state is shared across sessions. Events are fired when items are added or removed to the list or when an existing item's value is set.

Add, remove or set items on the demo Collaborative List

List items

Link to reference doc - Source code

Collaborative maps

Collaborative maps share key/value state across sessions. They support standard map operations. Events are fired when key-value pairs are changed.

Add, change or remove key-value pairs on the demo Collaborative Map

Keys Values

Link to reference doc - Source code
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